(after hearing a poem that compared women to deep underground mines)

Women are not holes
nor caverns nor mouths
no part of us is hollow

when your mouth is closed
it is not hollow
your tongue fills it entirely

the womb is a pear shaped muscle
the space inside it is a flat space
like the space inside an envelope

a term baby fills it entirely
tightly packed, it can barely move

when the child’s feet leave
within those same seconds
the muscular wall contracts down

when the placenta leaves
the uterus is a solid ball
the size of a coconut
and every day thereafter
shrinks by two fingerbreadths
until it is again
a pear sized muscle
with a flat space inside it

the vulva is a flat bowl
part the lips and you see
no cave nor hollow
a flattened living envelope

the vagina is a short flat tube
about three inches long
whose walls touch

of course it can expand
and take on the shape
of whatever is allowed into it
from above or below

but when we are walking about
or sleeping or sitting
or talking over coffee or thinking
women are not holes.