Buying a book

Books available from me directly

If you would like to buy one of my books, the following books can be ordered from me directly. Prices include shipping, and prices are in Canadian dollars.

How Do You Feel? (Sono Nis, Victoria, 1992), my poetry collection. CAN$15.00 

Are We There Yet? (Dollarpoems, Brandon University), a chapbook illustrated by Heather Speers. CAN$2.00 

The Naked Physician (Quarry Press, 1990), an anthology of poetry by physicians. CAN$12.00 

New Voices (Mosaic Press, 1984) Clifton Whiten, ed. CAN$6.00

To order please email me with the following information:
1. Title and quantity of desired book
2. Your name, shipping address and telephone number
I will reply with payment information.

Books available from other sources

Primary Care (University Of Iowa Press, 2006) is available from Amazonfor US$13.57.

The Dominion of Love (Harbour Press, 2001) is available from for CAN$24.95

Blood and Bone (University of Iowa Press, 1999) is available from for CAN$27.95.

A CD compilation from the anthology Blood and Bone is available as "Serving the Flesh & the Soul...Poems by Doctors on the Path to Discovery & Healing" from:
Morning Wheat Media
P.O. Box 81057
Charleston, South Carolina, 29416 
Phone 843-573-9272
US$16.95 (US$12.95 for cassette).