At twelve she starts her training
Aged eighteen marches down the aisle to her first job
She is pregnant, that's worth a good raise
In the labour rooms they're working late at the office
In the delivery rooms they land the big contract
In the infertility clinics sit the chronically unemployed
Some quit their jobs but you need permission from three bosses
Some get an IUD and get a vacation
In some countries you're not allowed any vacations at all

After the second miscarriage she's in trouble at the office
And there are others after her job
At the baby's funeral we weep for the mother who has been fired
There's a divorce and the moonlighting is hard
But she gets a position with another firm
It's a nice place and promotions are frequent
After a while she might like to slow down
Bad obstetrics led to an industrial accident
The sterilization committee grants her early retirement
As a grandmother she's assistant chairman of the board
She has branch offices in several cities now
And lives happily surrounded by the fruits of her labours