Skeptic Links
The best skeptic organization.
Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit, with valuable links.
Don’t go to the clinic without it.
Evidence-based medicine.
The truth about herbs.
Scam literary/poetry contests. Remember, if your poetry is any good, THEY pay YOU to print it. The National Library of Poetry "contest," which everyone wins, is a contemptible scam.

My Articles for The Rational Enquirer

The skeptics' newsletter for Western Canada.

Laser Quit
A report on Vancouver's Laser Quit, a for-profit clinic where one can have one's earlobe (really!) zapped with a laser, with a view to quitting smoking.
Magnetic Appeal
Report on Micro-Magnets ... New Miraculous Pain-Relieving Therapy.
New Age Commentary
Commentary on a number of New Age beliefs, including "South American healers," spoon bending, and biokinesiology.

Other Articles

Weird science; or, learning from the past
What is the difference between quackery and medicine?
Research of the Holiday Kind
"A 5-ant test could be quickly accomplished and the results averaged by the time the barbecue was ready."